Get your loved one started off with tools that will provide brain stimulation! Recreation for seniors is vital and this Sensory Starter Pack will generate socialization, a sense of accomplishment and so much more! Benefits of recreation include: reduced loneliness and gives seniors something to look forward to, builds connections with family, maintaining social skills.

Contents include: 

Farm Tray Puzzle-This 35 piece dementia-friendly puzzle will create a sense of nostalgia and serenity.  Your loved one will be guided by the same image located on the puzzle board

Wooden Peg Sort-This Canadian made wooden peg set will promote hand-eye coordination and the use of problem-solving skills. Have your loved one attempt to place all the pegs back into the appropriate hole. You can use one at a time and increase  difficulty by adding another one as you go

The Hive-Can you capture all 4 bees in the honeycomb pieces? This tool will promote problem solving skills, increase concentration and provide a sense of accomplishment 

Sensory Starter Pack

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