This Starter Kit includes items that will stimulate your loved ones cognition.

All products are dementia friendly for early to moderate onset.

This Sensory Tool Kit will promote hand-eye coordination, dexterity, increased concentration and encourage reminiscing as well as socialization. Your loved one will once again find purpose in their day through these activities. 

​A great tool to have in the home for caregivers to use along side your loved one.

(HST is included in the price)

Sensory Tool Kit-Starter Kit

    • Dementia Friendly Blue Truck Farm Puzzle-This large piece puzzle will surley add an element of fun to your loved ones day (35 pcs.)
    • Match the Pins Game-This game will keep your loved ones hands busy and help with fine motor skills
    • Baking Cupboard-Reminisce about the days when baking  was an in-home everyday activity. This tool comes with large magnets and board to fill your baking cupboard
    • Wooden Matching Game-This beautifully hand crafted vintage animal matching game will help with hand-eye coordination and concentration  
    • Reminisce about the good old days. This reading material will bring your loved back to a moment in time when life was carefree 

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