This Starter Kit includes items that will stimulate your loved ones cognition.

All products are dementia friendly for early to moderate onset.

This Sensory Tool Kit will promote hand-eye coordination, dexterity, increased concentration and encourage reminiscing as well as socialization. Your loved one will once again find purpose in their day through these activities. 

​A great tool to have in the home for caregivers to use along side your loved one.


Contents Include:

  • Wooden ABC board. Going back to basics with this puzzle will create a sense of accomplishment for your loved one. Letters can be easily placed on the board and will promote hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills
  • Wooden Peg Fit Game. Hand crafted in Canada and suitable for independant exploration or with a friend
  • Reminisce about the good old days, 1940's! This large print reading material will bring your loved one back to a moment in time and will help them refelect on key moments in their life
  •  Horse Tray Puzzle. This 35 piece dementia friendly puzzle will create a sense of nostalgia and serenity. Your loved one will be guided by the same image located on the puzzle tray
  • Rubber Bird Puzzle-Lauri's crepe rubber puzzle is soft, bright durable and even washable. This puzzle includes an assembly guide beneath the puzzle. Simply remove the guide for a more challenging puzzle! This dementia friendly puzzle will help your loved one concentrate and feel a sense of accomplishment 
  • If your loved one is easily overwhelmed by "normal" books then this beautifully written story by Emma Rose Sparrow will surely be welcomed. A large print short novel that is easy to read and adult friendly. A great tool for independant use or with a caregiver
  • Wooden Memory Matchstick Chess Game is specially designed to focus on memory, color distinction and comprehension. This game can be played four different ways. Instructions are included

  • Wooden Hexagonal puzzle will provide your loved one with the ultimate brain teaser

Sensory Tool Kit-On the Go

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