Sensory Tool Kits

Catering to individuals with neurological issues


Evermore Sensory Tool Kits provide your loved one with an opportunity to freely explore and experience cognitive stimulation.


Within each Sensory Tool Kit, you will discover inspiring supplies that are carefully selected to fit the capabilities of your loved one.

Through an initial assessment, capabilities will be determined and you will begin to receive Evermore Sensory Tool Kits on a monthly basis. Delivered to your front door!


Each kit will arrive with detailed instructions on how to guide your loved one into active engagement.


Let's begin this sensory exploration and bring meaning back to your loved ones life! 

Sensory Tool Kit Benefits:

  • Increased concentration

  • Improved self-worth

  • Increased alertness

  • Cognitive stimulation

  • Socialization 

  • Engages multiple senses

  • Caregiver engagement

  • Family respite & more!

Sensory Tool Kits are available through a monthly subscription.

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