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  Tool Kits


Catering to individuals with neurological issues and

 the aging population.

Sensory Tool Kits provide individuals with an opportunity to freely explore and experience cognitive stimulation and a new sense of worth through the use of recreation. 

Within each Sensory Tool Kit, you will discover inspiring supplies that are carefully selected to fit the capabilities of each individual. 

Sensory Tool Kits are a great addition to each persons holistic care routine and perfect for caregivers to use with them. 

 Let's begin this sensory exploration and bring meaning back to your life! 

Sensory Tool Kit Benefits:

  • Increased concentration

  • Improved self-worth

  • Reduced behaviours and medication

  • Cognitive stimulation

  • Socialization 

  • Engages multiple senses

  • Caregiver and family  participation

  • Family respite & more!

To start receiving your monthly subscription, give us a call

Subscriptions are $200 per month

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