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"In a time where much of the caring provided for our elders in our communities has become an "assembly line" where ageism and burn out is rampant leaving little energy for much more than the basics, Elizabeth is an breath of fresh air! She brings a vital aspect of care back into the mix. We desperately need her and the work she does for so many reasons and not only for those who are experiencing cognitive challenges but for those who care for them. If I could give her as a gift to all of the people I work with I would! She is a very skilled professional who is so creative and thinks "out of the box" (excuse the pun ;)). Highly recommend her."

Sasha A.

-Toronto, ON 

"Extremely insightful and sensitive to the clients needs while understanding the limitations of the caregivers. Elizabeth is easy to work with and listens carefully to feedback so that the program is  unique to the clients personality and former life. As a " Health Advocate" for over 20 years representing individuals suffering from memory loss, the program Elizabeth has developed, in my opinion, is the best so far for stimulation of memory while addressing small motor skill loss . Elizabeth always demonstrates respect, thoughtfulness and enjoyment in her approach to the clients activities. And in return, the clients are stimulated, happy and busy with her activities."

Marian S.

-North York, ON

"Evermore provides an unmatched and unique service that really catered to my moms needs. I couldn't recommend them enough!"

Sarah H.

-Etobicoke, ON 

"Evermore offers a unique service that provides support for my father-in-law in a way that cannot be matched. Highly recommend!"

Lauren D.

-Mississauga, ON

"Evermore provides a wonderful and engaging program. They catered to my residents needs and interests. Residents who aren't really fully engaged seemed to really take to the activities Evermore offered. Its an awesome program and can't recommend them enough."

Danyelle G.

-North York, ON 


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